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So, confused also, about the sick and twisted being known as Severan
Vassago Amari? Here, i have compiled some random information about myself
to soothe your need for knowledge, and perhaps help you to know me better.
To begin with, anyone who has had the misfortune or privilage of meeting
me in person, knows me by my birth name, which is Kerri. However, if
you should chance to know me from the web or from a festival etc. You
would know me by my other name, which is Severan V. Amari. Other aliases
include the likes of ghOst and Alexander Detari. Along with a big long
rant of a list that includes all the other names i have gone by, which
i personally prefer not to get into.
Now, a bit of a history. I was born somewhere in New York, Queens I
believe, although i'm still not positively sure. When i was five or so,
my family moved to Pennsylvania and I now live with my mother and father,
my brother and my pets, which consist of two rats (Nothing and Molochai)
and a rather large and obnoxious iguana by the name of Dantae whom i
love to death.
As far as school goes, I currently attend the Pocono Mountain Academy
a wonderful school, and i do mean this with a scencerity. If i had a
bit more enthusiasm i would do a great deal of ranting on what a great
place it really is. But i am a lazy freak and will save myself the effort
of doing such, i'm sure it has a website somewhere, go look for it.
Hmmm... And now a bit of ranting about me, myself and i. I suppose
to make it easy on myself, i can classify myself as the typical goth.
The black clad leather demon that listens to the likes of Nitzer Ebb
and Black Tape For a Blue Girl. I like the atmosphere of graveyads and
smoky night clubs. I am one who adores and treasures my friends and
lovers. And i attempt to make the aquaintence of any and all types of
people that i should be intrigued by.
If i knew my friends wouldn't be offended by my ranting about them
there would be big long babbles about them here. But i don't want
to piss anyone off, so this section remains blank.
However, this doesn't leave me much more to rant about, so if you're that
intent on getting to know me you can reach me by e-mail, and you can find
the address on the contact page along with some more rambling.
For life & After,