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If you have images that need personalization and you don't have
access to image adjusting programs, I now offer a free service,
in which I can customize on-line pictures and photographs,
using Adobe and photoshop. I can currently offer negatives and
old-fashioned alterations. I can put any style of writing,
vertical, horizontal, diaganol etc. on images. And if you have
any specifics that you want carried out I can see what I can do.
To produce the new images, I need either the address of the picture,
or you can e-mail me the image yourself. I CAN NOT WORK WITH MOVING
GIFS! Specify what you want done, ie. writing, the names or text
you want placed on the picture, a negative, an old fashioned remake, etc.
If you want something done that is not listed, include what you have in
mind in your e-mail and i can see if i am able to carry it out. Be sure
to include exactly what you want done, The color of the font, what type
of font you want used, whether or not you want a border etc.
Pictures will be returned to your e-mail box with the finished
alterations within 1 week. They will be uploaded through my own personal file-manager,
and will contain an address similar to that of my web-sites.

*Examples of past works to be displayed soon*

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