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Sitting around in computer class has left me plenty of time
to sit and do pointless things, including this page. But at least
it is something remotely constructive.
The Pocono Mountain Academy,
in itself is an interesting enigma. People are given what could at
times be considered ultimate freedom, and continue to take it for
granted. It has the basic idea of do what you want when you want,
even though no one seems to notice. There is respect, but at times
very little. Either way, the people here are good people. People
who have taken time out of their lives to help us. And although at
times they don't see it, it is appreciated by some. If it weren't for
this place, i don't know where i would be, or what i would be doing,
But here i am left in what is best described as a family setting.
Sometimes everyones your friend, and the next second, you hate everyone.
Confusing, Disturbing, yet good.
Of course, anyone taking the time to read this is probably wondering
why i am sitting here composing my thoughts about the school i attend.
It is for the basic reason, that the computer class i am in, allows
me to do so. And having nothing else constructive to do, I've created this
a few rambled thoughts about where i am. Making observations about the
people around me. And overhearing someone's walkman replaying the same
London After Midnight song over and over again. Not that i am complaining
but i'm sure my reader can imagine how irritating it could become over
the span of an hour.